A Snapshot of Twitter’s New Photo-Sharing Feature

Up Close With Twitter’s New Photo Sharing Feature

Jun 20, 2011 at 5:38pm ET by

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that it would be rolling out its own photo sharing service. I found this enabled for my own account last week and today got a formal message about it. So, I thought a close look at how it works might be useful.

Use The Camera Icon For Photo Sharing

Right now, I only see the feature through the Twitter.com website, not through the official Twitter apps I use for the iPhone, Android or the iPad. Below the tweet box on the website, there’s a camera icon that appears for those with access to it:

Click the camera icon, and you can select an image from your computer. Only one image can be added to a tweet (some Twitter applications allow tweeting multiple images).

After you’ve selected your image, a small (and hard to view) thumbnail will be shown. If you change your mind, the X button (as the first arrow points at below) can be used to remove the image. The second arrow highlights how the camera icon turns blue to alert you that you’re uploading an image:

Notice the number “120″ showing up next to the tweet button. The picture — or the URL to it — does take up some of your 140 characters of a tweet. I’ve seen it take only 19 characters before; it might take more, in some cases.

Your Pictures, On Twitter

Add your tweet, push the tweet button, and you’re done. Your picture has been shared via Twitter. Here’s an example of how my first photo shared using the service looked last week:

As you can see, the picture is shown in context with my original tweet, something that Twitter purposely wanted to happen, to help keep the authorship of a photo linked to the person tweeting it.

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